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Where to Start....

We recommend the following work for people who are just beginning to explore our site, or learn about the ICC. Please note that file sizes for these documents are given in parentheses after the document title, like this (~1K), because some are quite large and will take a few minutes to download. There are several book-length documents here. We feel that they are well worth reading, though.
Those documents which aren't on the REVEAL site itself are marked with an (offsite) tag instead of a file size.




Sociology/Sociological Analysis

The International Churches of Christ has similarities to other churches that abuse (as per Ron Enroth's out-of-print book "Churches That Abuse"), as well as the Discipling Movement. The following are links to articles or books related to the International Churches of Christ:


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The Stacks

Here is a list of everything in the REVEAL library. We are trying to keep it logically organized and as usable as possible, but there is a lot on our site and the quantity of material on it is growing daily. If you know what you want, or are looking for a particular kind of work, feel free to dig. :)

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