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Articles and Broadcasts from 2000

5/08/00: Dallas Morning News -- International Church of Christ celebrates despite criticism

The Dallas Morning News describes this Sunday's 10th anniversary service of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metro Church of Christ, the ICC's Dallas-area affiliate, and a protest by former ICC members in the Dallas area.

4/13/00: -- Are cults working your college campus?

CPNet, the College Press Network, discusses cult recruitment on campus, and particularly the practices of the Unification Church (Moonies) and ICC.

4/05/00: The Daily Athenaeum -- Experts point out dangers, warning signs of cult involvement

The Daily Athenaeum, the campus newspaper for the University of West Virginia, covers a lecture presented by Ron Loomis, a well-known cult researcher and speaker, and Kyle Degge, a former evangelist in the Boston Movement before it was called the International Churches of Christ. The article covers both the ICC and general information about cults and how they work, although both Loomis and Degge prefer not to use the word "cult" because it is so frequently misused.

4/05/00: The Door -- We LOVEBOMB You! We Really Do!

The Door, a Christian satire magazine that pokes fun at all sorts of things in the Christian (mostly Evangelical Protestant) community, has interviewed Chris Lee, a long-time former ICC member and activist and a member of the REVEAL board of directors, for the featured article in their current edition. Chris's bio is posted in the REVEAL library, for those who want to know more about him.

Unfortunately the Door didn't post the article itself on their web site, just a teaser. :( But the link to that is below, and I'm sure they'll be happy to sell anyone a copy.

3/13/00: U.S. News and World Report -- A Push Becomes a Shove

U.S. News and World Report article on proselytizing on campus. It mentions the ICC as a controversial group that proselytizes on campus, and interviews a recent former member recruited during her freshman year at USC.

2/26/00: Philadelphia Inquirer -- Controversial Group to Hold a Conference

A series of articles about an ICC conference in Philadelphia.

2/01/00: Phosphore -- Dans les filets de l'Eglise du Christ

An article in French titled, "In the Nets of the Church of Christ," about the ICC in France.

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1/28/00: Evening Standard -- Cult Recruitment Goes into Orbit

An article about a recent increase in cult recruitment, especially by the London Church of Christ.

Articles and Broadcasts from 1999

11/16/99: The Marking of Isaiah Pickett

A transcript of the audio tape made of the Wednesday Night meeting at which former Chicago Church of Christ elder Isaiah Pickett was marked, or disfellowshipped. ICC members are forbidden to communicate with marked individuals in any way; the ICC uses marking to control the information its members get from former members and other sources it disapproves of or finds embarrassing.

10/18/99: Guidestar -- Tax, Financial, and Legal Info about HOPE Worldwide

Retrieve the most recent tax returns and other detailed financial information about HOPE WW (and any other IRS tax-exempt charitable institution) from the newly revamped and expanded Guidestar site! Guidestar is a US-based educational non-profit organization which specializes in providing thorough details on other such non-profit groups.

8/13/99: CSULB University Interfaith Center -- Cult Awareness Workshop

The University Interfaith Center at California State University, Long Beach, is sponsoring a Cult Awareness Workshop in late September.

5/18/99: University of Minnesota Daily -- Cult awareness conference courts protest, debate

Rob Kuznia, staff reporter for the University of Minnesota Daily, covers the AFF Conference last weekend, and a Scientology protest against it. (The protesters were affiliated with the Scientology-owned "Cult Awareness Network".)

4/17/99: New York Journal News -- Church may stay at Purchase, leader must go

Bill Varner, reporter for the New York Journal News, reports on the New York Church of Christ's lawsuit against Purchase College, which had banned it from campus, and the ruling of the U.S. District Court in Purchase on the case.

4/15/99: Cambridge Chonicle Story on Boston Church of Christ

Cambridge Chronicle staff writer Indrani Sen reports that the Boston Church of Christ is renting space in three public schools in Cambridge for weekday evening meetings. Because of this, the Cambridge city council is looking into the screening processes used by local public schools to determine who may rent school facilities during off-hours.

4/04/99: Boston Globe Story on Boston Church of Christ

Boston Globe correspondent Karen Brown reports on the Upside Down Club at the University of Massachusetts and a probe of its activities spurred by complaints of deceptive recruitment and severe psychological manipulation of potential converts and young student members.

3/30/99: University of Miami Hurricane Stories

Denise Krakovsky, staff writer for the University of Miami Hurricane, interviewed Erin Fitzpatrick, a 19-year-old student who was recruited by the South Florida Church of Christ, and who was harrassed by church members when she decided to quit attending.

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3/18/99: Controversial Group Recruiting on Campus, by Jenny Schroedel, University of Portland Beacon

Schroedel wrote an unusually incisive and accurate article about the International Churches of Christ on campus -- how they operate, what they teach, and how student members live while in the group.

1/21/99: Cults on Campus:, a broadcast presentation of Fox Television's FoxFiles

REVEAL has collected as much information as we could about this broadcast, the ICC's official response, and comments by former members and other critics on the broadcast and response.

3/01/99: University of Cincinnati News Record Stories

Patsie Thomas, staff reporter for the University of Cincinnati's student newspaper, the News Record, reports on the decision of the UC Student Affairs Board to suspend indefinitely the "Campus Advance" student group affiliated with the ICC affiliate Cincinnati Church of Christ.

2/25/99: Philadelphia City Paper: The Love Bombers

Blair Davis at the Philadelphia City Paper wrote this detailed expose of the ICC's "Love Bombing" recruitment techniques, especially on college campuses in the Philadelphia area.

2/21/99: Lubbock Avalanche Journal: Church Stirs Concerns on Tech Campus

Beth Pratt, Religion editor for the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, interviews Jerry Jones and others in this article about the newly-planted Lubbock Christian Church and its outreach on the campus of Texas Tech University.

1/20/99: Fox Television FoxFiles: "Cults on Campus"

On January 21, 1999 Fox Television's FoxFiles program featured an investigative report on the International Churches of Christ and their recruiting efforts on campus. This report drew an overwhelming number of responses. ICC spokesman and World Sector Leader for Media and Law, Al Baird, issued an official statement condemning the broadcast as full of lies. Other responded differently, of course.... Read about it on REVEAL's new FoxFiles Report page. This page will be updated as we obtain the material to do so.

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Articles and Broadcasts from 1998

11/30/98: University of Southern California Tommy Magazine

Dan Pasquini, reporter for the University of Southern California Tommy Magazine, tells the stories of USC students who got involved with the ICC affiliate Los Angeles Church of Christ and discusses whether the LACC is a cult, and by what standards.

11/13/98: The Vanderbilt Loop

Jackie Ross and Houston Ruck, staff writers for the Vanderbilt University newspaper, the Vanderbilt Loop (since renamed Perspectives), and Neil Vigdor, managing editor, report on Vanderbilt's banning of the Nashville Church, the local ICC affiliate, from campus, and on the wider concerns Vanderbilt University has about abusive religious organizations and their effects on college students.

9/22/98: British Columbia Christian News

BC Christian News reporter David Dawes reports on the Vancouver Church of Christ and the controversy about it.

9/18/98: University of Southern California Daily Trojan

Daily Trojan staff writer Dania Alvarez covers a panel discussion of the ICC and its activities on the USC campus and other college campuses.

9/10/98: CSU (California State University) Long Beach Forty Niner

CSULB Forty-Niner reporter Jeanine Cardullo covered a panel presentation by the University Interfaith Center on cults, and particularly how they recruit and operate on college campuses.

9/10/98: UNLV (University of Nevada at Las Vegas) Rebel Yell

UNLV Rebel Yell Editor-in-Chief Brad Tittrington outlines the experiences of UNLV with the ICC Affiliate Las Vegas Church of Christ.

9/04/98: CSU (California State University) Hayward Escape

Former Berkeley Church of Christ member Jackie Kochaphum, now a student at Cal State Hayward, writes an unusually in-depth article about the activities of the San Francisco Church of Christ on the Cal State Hayward Campus.

8/29/98: MIT The Tech

Chris Lee, an alumnus of MIT and former member of the Boston Church of Christ, wrote this article on cults, how they can approach you, and what questions you should ask to protect yourself from being drawn in.

8/24/98: Under Their Thumb: High Pressure Groups on Our Campus, by Christopher Peters. California State University, Long Beach, Union, August 1998.

An article about the Los Angeles Church of Christ and its activities at California State University, Long Beach.

7/09/98: The Press (Christchurch, New Zealand)

In a short article printed on July 9, the stepfather of a college student at Auckland University describes his daughter's brief, three-week membership in the Auckland Central Church of Christ.

7/02/98: Missoula Independent (Missoula, Montana)

In the July 2 edition, the weekly Missoula Independent published an unusually long and thought-provoking article on the Missoula Christian Church, the local affiliate of the International Churches of Christ.

6/18/98: Boston Phoenix (Boston, Massachusetts)

On June 18 the Boston Phoenix in Boston, Massachusetts published "True Believers", an article about the Boston Church of Christ's influx into Boston's North Shore district and first year in this already religious area. It is good reading, primarily for discussions of how the community worked to contain the group and prevent some of the problems it has caused in other areas of Boston and other cities and countries.

5/26/98: Irish Mirror (Dublin, Ireland)

The Irish Mirror in Dublin, Ireland has published a couple of articles about the ICC, which a former ICC member has posted to his WWW site. These articles are sensationalized, but they do contain some interesting information about the ICC in Dublin.

4/28/98: Tulane University Hullaboo Report on the ICC

The ICC has apparently been busy at Tulane University and came to the attention of the school newspaper. The article they wrote doesn't contain both sides -- whether because they couldn't get anyone from the ICC to speak with them (a real possibility) or whether they didn't try, we don't know. But the story it tells sounds plausible.

4/16/98: The Digital Kent Stater: Series on Cults on Campus

An unusually fine series on cults which mentions the ICC, but focuses on how cults recruit and affect students on campus rather than on a specific cult.

4/13/98: New York Magazine Report on ICC Ministry to Art & Media Professionals

An interesting article on a type of ministry that has become popular in many ICC churches over the last couple of years -- ministry to entertainers, performing artists, and sports figures. The New York Church of Christ has the oldest ministry of this type, and theirs does not include sports figures, but the emphasis and rationale behind this type of ministry is the same as elsewhere in the movement.

4/01/98: Rensslaer Polytechnic Article on the ICC on Campus

Rensslaer Polytechnic Institute's Student Union Executive Board voted down the local ICC affiliate's attempt to become an official campus student club.

2/24/98: Boston University Daily Free Press Article on ICC

An article about the work of Steve Hassan, a former member of the Unification Church who later went into exit counseling and was one of the most influential people in moving the field away from forced deprogramming. Although Hassan's personal experience was with the Moonies, he has extensive experience with counseling ICC members dating back to the mid-1980s.

1/01/98: CSU Hayward Article on the San Francisco Church of Christ

Article by Jackie Cochaphum, reporter and former member of the Berkeley Church of Christ (prior to its 1987 "reconstruction" into the San Francisco Church of Christ) writes about the SFCC on campus at California State University, Hayward, where she is a student.

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Articles and Broadcasts from 1997

9/01/97: The Cost of Discipleship?

Christianity Today's groundbreaking article about the International Churches of Christ and reactions to them in the Evangelical Protestant Christian community.

4/29/97: Official Warns Against HOPE On Campus Religious Cult, by Rowe Edgell. Arizona State University State Press, 29 April 1997.

An article warning against the local HOPE Worldwide organization at Arizona State University because of its affiliation with the International Churches of Christ.

4/15/97: Experts Combat Destructive Influence of Cults

An article on the ICC affiliated campus ministry, "Campus Advance", at the University of California at Berkeley, and its impact on the life of a U.C. student.

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Articles and Broadcasts from 1996 and Earlier

12/13/96: Recruiting Tactics of a Religious Group Stir Campus Concerns

The professional journal of the college and university community publishes an article on the ICC and concerns about its tactics and the effect they have on students.

Church Seeks to Proselytize Yalies, by Shaheena Ahmad, Yale Daily News, 1995.

An article discussing the activities of the New Haven Church of Christ on the Yale University Campus.

12/23/93: "Spring ins Feuer, Laß dich Taufen!", aus: TAZ-BERLIN vom 23.12.1993.

An article in German discussing the Berlin Church of Christ Jesus and practices which the Berlin Daily Worker feels are extreme and unacceptable.

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