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REVEAL Library: The Psychology of Cults

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Material Specifically about the ICC

Control Mechanisms in the ICC, by Keith Stump, 2001/2002

Keith Stump identifies 34 control mechanisms in the ICC, categorized under Control with Scripture, The Architecture of Control and The Culture of Control. An insightful look at the day-to-day use of control in the ICC.

The Boston Church of Christ: Has Mind Control Come to Beantown?, by Stephen F. Cannon, 1992.

Stephen Cannon's article on the Boston Church of Christ and its effects on college campuses in the greater Boston Area.

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Material on Mind Control/Thought Reform

Seven Warning Signs of a Cultic or Abusive Church, by Dave Anderson, 2004

Responding to ICC founder Kip McKean's "seven warning signs of a dying or false church," Dave Anderson writes about seven warnings of a church that gets too intense, creating a cultic or abusive dynamic for members.

Mind Control and the ICC, by Ryan Britt, 2001

Ryan Britt identifies and defines the psychological themes that constitute an enviroment where mind control exists and offers a comparison study of these themes to the ICC's behavior towards potential, current and former members.

Healthy vs. Unhealthy (Toxic) Faith, by Jan Groenveld, 1996.

Jan Groenveld's description of how to tell a healthy religious faith from a toxic faith.

Totalism in Today's Cults, by Jan Groenveld, 1995.

A well written and disturbing article on the ways in which cults today take more complete control of more aspects of their members lives than in the past.

The BITE Analysis, by Steve Hassan, 1988.

Steve Hassan's BITE Analysis, four criteria for assessing thought reform in a group.

Eight Criteria for Thought Reform, by Robert J. Lifton, M.D., 1961, 1987, 1989. Excerpt from Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism

Robert Lifton's classic criteria for determining whether thought reform/ mind control exists in a particular group or environment.

Six Conditions for Thought Reform, by Margaret T. Singer, Ph.D., 1990.

Margaret Singer's six criteria for determining whether a group is practicing thought reform or mind control.

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Material on Cult Recovery

The "It Hurts" Post -- Recovering from Cult Membership, by Jan Groenveld, 1994.

Jan Groenveld's "It Hurts" message, describing the pain of recovering from membership in a cult and reassuring people that the pain eventually does pass.

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