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REVEAL Library: History of the ICC

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Primary Sources

Memorial Church of Christ Letter and Announcement
Re: Kip McKean and Roger Lamb

In 1977, in a letter to the elders of the Heritage Chapel Church of Christ in Charleston, Illinois, the elders of the Memorial Church of Christ withdraw their financial support for the ministry of Kip McKean and Roger Lamb. This letter was followed up by an announcement to the Memorial Church of Christ congregation.

Scholarly Work

From the Churches of Christ to the Boston Movement: A Comparative Study, by Russell R. Paden, M.A., 1994. Master's Thesis

Russell Paden's masterful study of the roots of the Boston Movement/International Churches of Christ. Highly recommended.


Toxic Christianity

  • Toxic Christianity (2006 Edition) by Mr. X, former leader within the ICC, edited by (Requires Adobe PDF Reader.)
  • History Repeats Itself: The Rise and Fall of Kip McKean & Chuck Lucas

    Now that Kip McKean has resigned as the ICC's top leader, Ryan Britt has noted the uncanny similarity between the careers of McKean and his one-time mentor, Chuck Lucas -- right down to the letters they wrote when stepping down.


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