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REVEAL Library: Doctrines and Theology

This collection includes on-line work and reviews of works both available on line and not available on-line.


o Material by ICC Leaders & Members
o Mainline Church of Christ Perspectives
o Other Theological Perspectives


Material by ICC Leaders & Members

The Evangelization Proclamation

The closest thing the ICC has to a creed, proclaimed and signed by the ICC World Sector Leaders in 1994.

Revolution through Restoration: From Jerusalem to Rome, From Boston to Moscow, by Kip McKean, 1992.

Kip McKean's 1992 article which details the basic beliefs and goals of the ICC. This is read, reread, and quoted frequently within the ICC -- a very important work to read and understand for those wanting to understand Kip's thinking, and therefore the ICC's thinking.

Revolution Through Restoration 2: The Twentieth Century Church, by Kip McKean, 1994.

Kip McKean's 1994 follow-up article to the original "Revolution through Restoration".

First Principles: Basic Studies for Making Disciples, by Kip McKean, 1979, 1994.

Kip McKean's original study series, written in 1979 and used in the Boston Movement and ICC ever since. The series appears to have been updated a few times -- there are discrepancies between the 1979 edition and this one -- but the main themes have remained the same. Kip and other ICC leaders have frequently referred to this study series as "The Bible Organized for Study" and similar terms. It is impossible to overstate its importance in the ICC -- every single member goes through most of these studies during the recruitment/conversion process.

(Note: You can find Dave Anderson's analysis of the First Principles studies below.)

Christianity 101, by an anonymous author (probably Doug Jacoby), 1997.

A new study series on the basic themes of Christianity as understood by the ICC. The author is not given, but is probably Doug Jacoby, a leading teacher, or official theologian, of the ICC.

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Mainline Church of Christ Perspectives

The Discipling Movement: Is it Biblical?, by Joseph Byczko, 1996.

A discussion of the basic beliefs and practices of the Discipling Movement, including Crossroads, the Boston Movement, and the ICC, from a mainline Church of Christ perspective. Very useful for understanding both the similarities and differences in ICC doctrine from its parent religious group.

Unity: The Sign of Babylon, by Joseph Byczko, 1996.

An analysis of the history of God's interactions with the human race, as seen from the point of view of someone in the mainline Churches of Christ, and a criticism of the latter-day discipling/shepherding and dominion movements. This piece, although it does discuss discipling, is primarily focused at a different modern theology which the author believes is heretical -- the dominion theology. But many of the beliefs and attitudes he discusses apply to both dominion and discipling groups.

What Does the Boston Movement Teach, by Jerry Jones, Th.D., 1991.

Jerry Jones' landmark three book series on the ICC, an unequaled collection of material from the late 1980s and early 1990s, when the ICC was coalescing into its current form. Dr. Jones does a painstaking and thorough analysis of the doctrines and practices of the ICC, informed by his own experiences as a leader in the movement, his close contact over a period of a couple of years with ICC leaders, and a huge collection of sermons, lesson notes, church bulletins, and other material which documents what the ICC has taught and done over a period of years.

False Teachers, by Joe Franklin, former member, 2004-2006.

I'll place links to Joe's three books in the near future.

The Discipling Dilemma (Second Edition), by Flavil Yeakley, Ph.D., 1988.

Flavil Yeakley's 1988 research into whether members of the Boston Church of Christ showed psychological signs of being under mind control. This is one of the most important works ever written about the ICC -- highly recommended.

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Other Theological Perspectives

Toxic Christianity

(2006 Edition) by Mr. X, former leader within the ICC, edited by (Requires Adobe PDF Reader.)

Justification: the core of the Protestant Reformation, by Chris Lee, 2002.

Master of Divinity graduate (then candidate) and REVEAL Director Chris Lee presents a study of the doctrine of justification, for comparison with ICC doctrine/emphasis.

An Interview with Dr. Robert Coleman, by Chris Lee, 2002.

Dr. Robert Coleman authored The Master Plan of Evangelism, a book often recommended by the ICC and believed to be a basis for the movement's teaching about discipling. In this interview conducted by Chris Lee, Coleman repudiates ICC/Crossroads interpretations of his work.

The ICC Bible Studies: A Critical Analysis, by Dave Anderson (Revised 2002 Edition).

A detailed, thorough, and helpful analysis of the theology and hermeneutics of First Principles, the Bible Study series used in the ICC with almost every convert during his/her conversion. This paper is especially helpful for former members trying to sort out their beliefs about the Bible, the Church, and God. Revised with new material in 2002.

At What Price Success?: The Boston (Church of Christ) Movement, by James Bjornstad, Ph.D., 1993. Article in the Christian Research Journal, Winter 1993, p. 24.

A discussion of the theological and psychological consequences of the ICC's belief in and practice of "discipleship".

From the Churches of Christ to the Boston Movement: A Comparative Study, by Russell R. Paden, M.A., 1994.

Russ Paden's MA thesis on the history, theology and psychology of the Boston Movement/International Church of Christ in light of its roots in the mainline Church of Christ. A very important work -- highly recommended.

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