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February 2003

Los Angeles Church of Christ Apology Letter From the Elders, Evangelists, and Women's Minsitry Leaders

On February 25th, the leaders of the Los Angeles Church of Christ published a letter addressed to the current members of that particular congregation. In essence, they are apologizing for being abusive and for introducing some unscriptural, erroneous teachings and practices which have forced many in the past to leave the church.. There is much buzz going on about this letter and it is too soon to tell if they really mean the things they have expressed. We will keep you updated as events unfold.

o New Letter to ICC Leaders "Your kingdom will be restored to you when you acknowledge that Heaven rules" by Jose Casanueva

Jose Casanueva was a member of the Houston ICC congregation just two months ago when he wrote this letter to ICC leaders. He starts by expressing admiration for Kip McKean for stepping down. He then shares his observations of similar sins in the Houston leadership. By the time he finished writing the letter, he had decided he needed to leave the movement.

Jose's letter illustrates that, in spite of changes that might be happening in some ICC congregations, many churches and leaders are resisting reform.

To read Jose's powerful letter, click here.

o New story "And So it Goes..." by Rachel Lindsey

Rachel was a member of the ICC in Seattle and Los Angeles from 1991 to 1995 who has only recently come to grips with her experience in the church.

Rachel's story is full of many of the details of her life in the ICC: repeated control and change emanating from leadership. You can read Rachel's story here.

January 2003

o New Story "A Parent’s Perspective: Dealing With the International Church of Christ" by Pamela Foust

When Pamela's son was recruited into the ICC, she decided to take an active role in getting him to leave the group. She chose to hold a professionally-run intervention. Her story provides a rare glimpse into the preparation and execution of an intervention; you can read it here.

Note: REVEAL's Stories from the ICC can now be viewed in recent chronological order.

o New Editorial "Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall: Reflections on Changes in the ICC" by Keith Stump

Some people expect daily life in the ICC to change positively following the Kip McKean resignation, but Keith Stump isn't one of them. Keith points out mechanisms of control he finds in the official announcement about the ICC's recent "Unity Conference." He also argues that most of the ICC's abuses are committed by low-level leaders, not the senior leaders who are part of the ICC's reorganization.

Note: REVEAL's four recent articles/editorials about the McKean resignation have all been put on a new page in the REVEAL's just-updated About the ICC section.

December 2002

o New Article "History Repeats Itself: The Rise and Fall of Kip McKean & Chuck Lucas" by Ryan Britt

Ryan Britt finds uncanny similarities between the careers of Kip McKean and his one-time mentor Chuck Lucas -- from their mannerisms and ministries all the way through to the statements they made when stepping down. Ryan also comments briefly on the ICC's new structure now that the ICC's World Sector Leader group has been disbanded.

New in the REVEAL Library's History section, to read this article click here.

November 2002

o Important News! Kip Mckean Has Resigned from Leading the ICOC!

We have confirmed the news that Kip and Elena Mckean are no longer leading the ICOC as of this month. Kip and Elena Mckean's year-long sabbatical has resulted in their resignation as World Mission Evangelist, Women's Ministry Leader and Leader of the World Sector Leaders. Kip's letter of resignation has been read to many of the ICOC congregations and a new governance is under consideration.

o A brief response "If it Walks Like a Duck and Quacks Like a Duck, Then it Must be Time to Resign" by Michelle Campbell

o New Story "Deer in the Headlights" by Lauren Covarrubia

Lauren Covarrubia tells her poignant story of losing a boyfriend to the ICC, and nearly losing her identity in the process. This happened while Lauren was a student in California at Long Beach City College and her boyfriend became a member of the ICC at Cal State Long Beach.

New in REVEAL's Stories from the ICC, you can read Lauren's story here.

September 2002

o Article Control Mechanisms in the ICC by Keith Stump

Keith Stump identifies myriad control mechanisms in the ICC, categorized under Control with Scripture, The Architecture of Control and The Culture of Control. An insightful look at the day-to-day use of control in the ICC.

New to the Psychology section of REVEAL's Library, you can read it here.

August 2002

o Updated Article "The ICC Bible Studies: A Critical Analysis (Revised 2002 Edition)" by Dave Anderson

Dave Anderson first published this article on REVEAL in 1997. It's about the ICC's First Principles Bible studies it teaches to all prospective and new members. Now Dave has rewritten and updated the paper, including newly discovered ICC material about the studies.

To read it, click here.

June 2002

oNew Article "Justification: The Core of the Protestant Reformation" added

The International Churches of Christ (ICC) have long been accused of practicing a form of "works salvation" -- although the organization has claimed it does not. Master of Divinity candidate and REVEAL Director Chris Lee has created this study on justification to outline the doctrine as it commonly held by many mainstream Christian groups.

April 2002

REVEAL Newswire: The Harvard Crimson -- What in the Lord's Name is Going On?

The REVEAL Newswire has been updated with links to a new Harvard Crimson article that profiles the Boston Church of Christ, including its history, beliefs, and criticisms of the group. The article also looks at ICC campus recruiting practices and the chuch's troublesome history at Harvard. Includes sidebars on two former campus recruits of the Boston church, one of them REVEAL's Chris Lee.

o New Article "An Interview with Dr. Robert Coleman" added

Decades ago Dr. Robert Coleman authored The Master Plan of Evangelism, a book often recommended by the ICC and believed to be a basis for the movement's teaching about discipling. In this interview conducted by Chris Lee, Coleman repudiates ICC/Crossroads interpretations of his work.

March 2002

o New Article "ICC Statistics: The Revolving Door 1999-2001" added

This new article by Dave Anderson analyzes ICC 1999-2001 membership and financial statistics and uncovers several surprising trends in the ICC. This article was originally written for on March 9 and now has been added to REVEAL's "About the ICC" section. To read it, click here.

November 2001

Kip & Elena McKean Sabbatical

On Sunday November 11, 2001 Kip and Elena Mckean announced that they were stepping down from leading the Los Angeles Church of Christ take a sabbatical for unspecified amount of time in order to focus on "marriage and family issues." A few of us on the REVEAL staff attended the congregational meeting held in Long Beach, CA when the announcement was made and will be posting excerpts of the speeches given at the meeting in the upcoming days and weeks. To read the official letter from the McKeans click on this link: Kip and Elena to Take a Sabbatical. Al Baird and Bob Gempel who are upper echelon leaders in the ICOC and serve as world sector leaders under Kip Mckean have also written a Response to Mckean's Sabbatical Announcement. Kip Mckean still retains his position as the leader of the ICC/ICOC and will remain a part of the world sector leader group and will be involved in any major decision regarding the fellowhsip of the churches with in the ICC network.


A new article: Mind Control in the ICC by Ryan Britt posted in the REVEAL Library

This is a new article written by Ryan Britt, a former member of the Los Angeles Church of Christ. Ryan was a member of the ICC/ICOC for nine years and left the group in January of 2001. His article gives the reader an indepth comparision study of mind control as it relates to the ICC and how potential, current and former members are affected.


October 2001

New online version of The Discipling Dilemma located in the REVEAL Library section

The new online edition was made available for inspection by all four authors, and all proofreading they suggested was carried out. The entire volume is framed based, so one can easily navigate from chapter to chapter. Go to the REVEAL Library to read it.

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