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REVEAL: Policy on Providing Links

How We List Resources

There are two major ways to approach building a set of WWW links on any subject. You can list every link you can find on the subject, and leave your readers to sort out the information they need. Or, you can review every link and select only those that you believe offer significant information on the subject you've chosen. On this site, we've chosen to do the second, and along with each link have provided a short review of the content we found on the site, our impressions of it, and why we included it.

Please note, though, that we do not vouch for the contents of any site listed on this page. Since we don't control the sites, new information can and often will be posted. Old information will disappear. Whole sites will disappear. When this happens, we ask that you send us email and let us know. We plan to maintain this set of links carefully, and with your help we will catch errors as quickly as possible.

What Resources We Will List

If you have a site about the ICC or about cults in general and would like to be included on this page, please send us email. Sites we are interested in include:

Please note that we will not link to just any home page of a current or former member -- the page must contain significant information about the ICC and the member's experience with it. (A line stating that you are, or were, an ICC member and links to a few other pages isn't enough.) :) Whether we link to a site about cults in general or other discipling groups will depend on our judgment about the site's value to those interested in understanding the ICC.

If you aren't sure whether your site meets these criteria, please feel free to ask. We don't mind spending a few minutes reviewing a site. :)

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