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Organization Level Home Pages

o The Official ICC Home Page
While we aren't recommending the ICC itself (obviously), we do recommend that people take a look at their home page to see how the ICC views itself and presents itself to the rest of the world. But check every claim against as many other sources of information as possible -- most of us have found that ICC claims rarely approximate ICC reality. The current ICC home page requires a frames-capable browser, and has very little information accessible without loading graphics.

The ICC's home page has been disabled for a while. However, try these links:

  • Upside Down (Upside Down 21[st century])
  • Disciples Today
  • The International Missions Society, aka, the International Churches of Christ
  • Disciples Today (another link)
  • The ICOC Agamos Diakonia
  • Kingdom News Network (KNET)
  • Audio sermons from ICOC leaders, page hosted by ICOC
  • Recent ICC news
  • Steve Staten as paid speaker

    o Discipleship Publications International (DPI) Books
    DPI is the official publishing house of the ICC, and issues many of the books ICC members study. At various places in the REVEAL site an article will refer to or discuss a book, video tape, or audio tape by an ICC leader. If you want to get a copy of it, this is the source. Like the ICC Home Page, this page is heavy on graphics and animation. It is unreadable unless you turn on image loading.

    o HOPE WorldWide
    HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere) Worldwide is the charitable wing/organization of the ICC. Despite this, HOPE's links to the ICC are deemphasized, although not outright denied, on this page. You have to go into the "When We Started" section to see that the ICC is or ever was involved with this organization.

    Former members have stated that there is considerable pressure on ICC members to contribute heavily to HOPE's work, and most tell me that contributions to other charities are frowned upon.

    o HOPE Cambodia
    A surprisingly elaborate WWW page with information about HOPE's "Sinahouk Hospital" Project, which nowhere mentions HOPE's affilation with the International Churches of Christ.

    o HOPE for Children
    A Georgia-based spinoff of HOPE Worldwide, this is a ministry to women facing unwanted pregnancies, usually without the presence or support of the father. It offers adoption services, etc.

    o The Kingdom News Network
    The official site for the "Kingdom News Network", the ICC's internal news organization. KNN's material is intended primarily for ICC members, not outsiders. It covers, and hypes, various ICC events, such as "Women's Day" and "Kingdom Kids", and touts various approved performing artists. There doesn't appear to be much real content in the news here, but this page will give you a good look at how the ICC sees itself.

    I haven't had too much success with the above link, but there's always this link.

    o KNET Los Angeles
    The LA local KNET has a fairly complete and up-to-date web page, including a form to subscribe to KNET mailing lists and get access to other KNET stuff.

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    Home Pages by World Sector and Country

    Below are links to all the official regional ICC web pages we know about. First in each World Sector's section, we list the World Sector home page (if there is one) and any country-level home pages. We then list any congregational home pages we feel are worthy of special note and about which we have something to say. We then provide links to the remainder of the home pages for churches in that World Sector.

    Those not already familiar with the ICC will notice that many churches appear to be assigned to World Sectors one wouldn't expect. For example, Los Angeles and Russia are in the same World Sector, as are Seattle and Hong Kong, but not as Tokyo. The ICC assigns wealthy American churches to World Sectors with many poor churches so that the wealthy churches can help "support ministries" (i.e. pay the salaries of evangelists) in poor parts of the world. It makes for strange looking maps, though....

    Africa, Caribbean & Empire State (ACES) World Sector

    o Africa/Caribbean/Empire State (ACES) World Sector Home Page

    Home page for the Africa Caribbean Empire State, or ACES, sector of the ICC, headed by Steve Johnson, also evangelist of the New York Church of Christ. This site contains a huge amount of information, all of it standard ICC stuff, but more complete than that available from the ICC home page. It also contains a list of ICC- affiliate churches in this sector, which will be of interest. Other material appears pretty standard for official ICC sites. The "FAQ" has some false information, and a whole lot of answers which dodge the question, especially the answer to, "Are you a cult?" :(

    o Links to ACES World Sector Home Pages

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    Central & South America (CSA) World Sector

    o CSA (Central & South America) World Sector Home Page

    The CSA web site is in three languages -- English, Portuguese, and Spanish. The material in all three is essentially the same.

    o Iglesia de Cristo en México

    The home page of the "Church of Christ in Mexico", the Mexican affilate of the International Churches of Christ, although the name this church uses is clearly going to cause it to be confused with mainline Churches of Christ in Mexico. :( References to HOPE Mexico, a subsidiary of the ICC's HOPE WorldWide, the language in "Who we are" and "What we believe" (the first two sections) make it clear who this is, though. The page is in Spanish. There is very little here as yet -- the Events and Other Churches sections are totally empty.

    o Igreja de Cristo Internacional de Sao Paolo
    (Sao Paolo International Church of Christ)

    The official home page for the ICC affiliate Sao Paolo Church of Christ in Sao Paolo, Brazil. This page is professionally designed and extremely heavy on graphics and whiz-bang effects. The site is in Portuguese, and contains: a section titled "Quien Somos" (who we are), which gives a history of the Sao Paolo church; a series of articles about various subjects; a page on the local HOPE WorldWide affiliate, a calendar of events; and a list of meeting locations and times for Sunday services in cities around Brazil.

    o The Triangle Church Home Page

    This is an unusually full WWW page -- it has a lot of information about the history and activities of this church. It has a relatively accurate history (surprisingly so), a list of ministers, and information about the church site. (The Triangle Church, unlike most ICC churches, owns its own building.) If you check out only a few ICC local church home pages, this should be one of those you read.

    o Links to CSA World Sector Home Pages

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    China World Sector

    o The Seattle Church of Christ Home Page

    The official home page for the ICC affiliate Seattle Church of Christ in Seattle, Washington. So far the page contains a series of testimonials by members on the home page, a meeting calendar which needs to be updated, and an article titled, "The Eager Heart", by member (and probably evangelist) Jay Kelly.

    o Links to China World Sector Home Pages

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    Commonwealth World Sector

    o Australian Churches of Christ Home Page

    This page contains a list of the ICC-affilate churches in Australia. The site functions mostly as a placeholder for the six urban ICC affiliate churches in Australia -- Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, and Perth. (Wonder when they'll plant one in Darwin -- can't you just imagine a Darwin Church of Christ?) ;>

    o The Indian Churches of Christ

    Apparently the official home page of the ICC affilate churches in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The author appears to be Kevin D'Souza, and the page was put together by modifying the text and graphics from the ICC home page. Other than the usual stuff, the site contains a directory of ICC affiliate churches in the area, a history of the ICC in India written by Mark Templar, who was on the original mission team.

    o The London Church of Christ Home Page

    The official home page for the ICC affiliate London Church of Christ, in London, United Kingdom. This page has a more complete history and more information about the leadership and structure of the congregation than any of the other official ICC pages.

    o Links to Commonwealth World Sector Home Pages

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    Middle East World Sector

    o Links to Middle East World Sector Home Pages

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    New England & Europe World Sector

    o Die Internationalen Gemeinden Christi in Deutschsprachigen Europa
    (The International Churches of Christ in German-Speaking Europe)

    The official home page of the International Churches of Christ in Germany, in German and English.

    o The Boston Church of Christ Home Page

    The official home page of the Boston Church of Christ, the founding congregation of the International Churches of Christ. This page sprang like Athena from the mind of Zeus -- it is a finished and very professional piece of work, both in design and content. There is a "history", which struck me as full of so much rhetoric and movement glorification as to be unhistorical, a list of ministries with leader's names and phone numbers, meeting locations for the various regions, and quite a bit else. Recommended -- this page will give you an unusually good "feel" for the ICC.

    o Links to New England & Europe World Sector Home Pages

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    Northern Federation World Sector

    o Canadian Churches of Christ Home Page

    This page contains a list of the ICC-affilate churches in Canada. Otherwise the material is the standard ICC home page stuff.

    o The Chicago Church of Christ Home Page

    The official home page for the ICC affiliate Chicago Church of Christ, one of the earliest of the ICC churches. The page includes a relatively detailed local history of the congregation, an article by the elders of the church on racism, and a new study series titled, Christianity 101, which appears to be based on the longtime ICC staple First Principles, but revised for the WWW, and perhaps for public distribution. The page also provides a clickable map which allows you to find out where the local CCOC regions meet on Sunday, a nice feature.

    o The Los Angeles Church of Christ Home Page

    The official home page for the ICC flagship church, the Los Angeles Church of Christ. This is a complex site which relies heavily on Java and other multimedia stuff -- you will need Netscape or Internet Explorer and the Macromedia Shockwave plug-in or ActiveX control to view the main page. The site has a text-only page as well, which is fortunate since the other is too slow for regular use, although beautifully done.

    The site contains the usual ICC materials. The biographies of the leadership team will be of interest, though, since they include information about Kip and Elena McKean and other top leaders in the ICC. The bios are sanitized heavily -- Kip's does not even mention Crossroads or Chuck Lucas. There is also a directory of the various regions of the LA Church of Christ, including contact information for the leaders of each region.

    o Links to Northern Federation World Sector Home Pages

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    Pacific Rim World Sector

    o The Denver Church of Christ Home Page

    The official home page for the ICC affiliate Denver Church of Christ in Denver, Colorado. In early December 1999 they posted a totally redesigned web page. The new page has quite a bit more content than the previous skeleton/placeholder page, including articles you won't find elsewhere on other ICC pages.

    o The San Francisco Church of Christ Home Page>

    The official home page for the ICC affiliate San Francisco Church of Christ in San Francisco, California. This is a nicely-designed page, produced by the ICC's first webmaster, and unlike many other ICC pages is geared more towards local members than outsiders.

    o The Tokyo Church of Christ Home Page

    An unusually well designed and presented page giving the history, beliefs, and ministries of the Tokyo Church of Christ, from the ICC's perspective, in both Japanese and English. I can only review the English portion -- I do not read Japanese. The history struck me as misleading -- it didn't point out that the ICC does not recognize the mainline Churches of Christ, which started the Tokyo Church of Christ after WWII, as legitimate, and glosses over the reconstruction of the Tokyo Church of Christ in 1988. The doctrinal statement, although short, covers most of the important points, in my opinion better than the material on the official ICC home page. Recommended.

    o Links to Pacific Rim World Sector Home Pages

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