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REVEAL: People and Places

Former Members and Other Contacts

Last Updated March 5, 2007


Tony Adams
Former Member, Brisbane Church of Christ
Tony's Biography
53 McLean Parade
Brisbane, Queensland. 4060

Debbie DePew
Former Member, Memphis Church of Christ
Memphis, TN
Debbie Campbell
Former Member, Nashville Church of Christ
Debbie's Bio
Nashville, Tennessee
(615) 453-0483

Elizabeth Collins
Former Member, Houston (and Dallas) Church of Christ
Houston, TX

Steve & Cindy Carroll
Former Members, Los Angeles Church of Christ
Long Beach/Los Angeles Metro area
(562) 987-9286

Catherine Hampton
Former Member, Various
Catherine's Bio
San Jose, California metro area
(408) 736-2237
PGP Public Key

Matt Cramer
Recruit, Greater Cleveland Church of Christ
Matt's Bio
Matt's Home Page
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, Ohio
(216) 754-1925

Kim Krecek
Former Member, Denver & Kansas City Churches of Christ
Kim's Bio
Kansas City Metro area

Chris Lee
Former Member, Boston Church of Christ
Chris's Bio
Boston Metro area
Please email instead of phoning :) (I only have a cell)

Martin Hinves
Former Member, Sydney Church of Christ
Martin's Home Page
22/5 Durham Close
North Ryde
New South Wales 2113

Fukami Mizuno
Former member, various

Sidney J. Juachon
Former Member, Los Angeles Church of Christ
4230 Justin Way
Oxnard, CA 93033
(805) 488-2795

Catherine O'Neill
Former Member, Missoula Church of Christ
Catherine's Bio
P.O. Box 2383
Missoula, MT 59806
Marci (Hooten) Parker
Former Member, Phoenix Valley Church of Christ
Phoenix, Arizona
(602) 788-3279

Mark & Rose Miller
Former Leaders on Milan Mission Team
Milan Mission Team history
Milan, Italy metro area
(39) 02-452-1435 (phone)
(39) 02-4091-8355 (fax)

Art & Lynn Ryter
Former Members/Parents of Members, Los Angeles Church of Christ
Double Oak (Dallas/Fort Worth) Metro area
(817) 491-1771

Evon Wright
Recruit/Parent of Former Member
Phoenix Valley Church of Christ
PVCC Ex-Members Support Group
Phoenix Metro area
(602) 788-3279

Altrena Nixon
Friend of current and former ICC members
Atlanta, Georgia Metro area
(770) 491-0396 (phone)

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