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REVEAL: People and Places

Support Groups and Other Organizations

Last Updated March 2, 2003


ARISE: Former Members of the ICOC
Morgantown, West Virginia area
Jody Davis

REVEAL's Executive Director: Chris Lee
Boston, Massachusetts metro area
(617) four-six-one-3834 (cell, please be nice ... I'm often busy) (Chris Lee)

Long Beach ICC Ex-Members Support Group
Los Angeles/Long Beach metro area
Steve & Cindy Carroll:
(562) 420-4499 (phone)
Debbie Weeks: (562) 531-4150 (phone)

Northridge ICC Ex-Members Support Group
Northridge/Los Angeles metro area
(818) 349-0813
Art & Lynn Ryter

Phoenix Valley ICC Ex-Members Support Group
Home Page
Phoenix, Arizona metro area

Evon Wright

San Diego metro area
(619) 965-4933 (Mark Matthews)


San Francisco/Boston metro area
REVEAL Home Page
Chris Lee

Denver metro area
Ex-Member-Net Home Page
(303) 948-9697 (Cricket Harris)
(303) 805-9581 (Ladd May)

Right Side Up!
New York Metro Area
(212) ICC-HELP/(212) 422-4357
Home Page

SOS: The University of Southern California Support Group
Home Page
Los Angeles, California metro area
SOS contact

Tallahassee Area Former ICC Members Support Group
Tallahassee, Florida metro area
(850) 553-6246 (phone)
(850) 553-8035 (phone)

Triumphing Over London Cults (TOLC)
Home Page
London, United Kingdom metro area
P.O. Box 25
Hounslow, Middlesex TW4 5RE
United Kingdom
+44 20 8568 1656 Ext. 20 (phone)
+44 020 8560 6864 (fax)


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