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REVEAL: Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

ICC Specific Discussion Forums/Chat Facilities

Delphi Forums

One of the most active areas for discussing the ICC on the Internet is at Delphi Forums. You can log on as a guest to read the message board. You must have a Delphi account to participate, but standard accounts are free. Some users choose to keep their identity confidential, since Delphi Forums usernames don't show email addresses or names.

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The ICQ ICC Chat Room

Amelia Manteufel hosts this chat group, primarily for former members of the ICC. It is a service of Mirabilis' LTD's ICQ Internet telephony/chat service. If you have no idea what this means, or if you do not have the ICQ program installed, go to the Mirabilis Home Page for more information and to download the software you will need to participate in this group. If you are already set up for ICQ, you can go directly to the ICC/ Boston Movement X-members home page and sign up.

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The Talk City ICC Chat Room

A group of current and former ICC members opened this chat room on the Talk City IRC (Internet Relay Chat) server, called (appropriately enough) "ICC Chat". If you are new to IRC, Talk City has a rather good information page on IRC and how it works. Talk City's Chat Server is NOT on any of the IRC networks, but is a private server. As such, it has some rules of behavior which are enforced, which prevents certain abusive activities you'll find on ordinary IRC channels.

Former members and non-members as well as current ICC members are welcome to enter the Talk City ICC Chat room. General Talk City Terms of Service forbidding abusive language and personal attacks apply; those in violation may be removed from the chat room.

Those using standard Internet Relay Chat client software, such as irc or ircii on a Unix shell account, mirc or ws_irc for Microsoft Windows 3.1x or Windows '95, or the equivalent programs for Macintosh or other systems, should set their software up as follows:

IRC Server:

On most programs, you will want to set only the first two items, and then join the ICC room once you have logged on to the Talk City server.

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All Nations Web Forum and Chat Rooms

The All Nations Web Forum and Chat Room is for current members of the ICC, and appears to be run by the same people as the "All Nations Webring". Chatting requires creating an account and getting permission from the site owners, who will not admit someone who isn't a current member of the ICC. Portions of the web site are available to everyone, though.

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Kingdom Chat: Teen and College Disciples Message Board

A chat room geared towards current ICC members in high school and college undergraduates. It is hosted on Delphi. This is a membership chat area, and I assume that people who aren't members of the ICC are not welcome to join. The Kingdom Chat web page is open to everyone, however.

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General Cult chat rooms

We don't know of any chat rooms about cults in general at present, but will include the information here when we do.

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