Jim and Sue Condon Withdraw Sue's Diary

The following message was posted on behalf of Jim and Sue Condon to alt.religion.christian.boston-church on February 10, 1997. We subsequently confirmed by phone that it is not a forgery, and that Jim and Sue do indeed wish to withdraw this diary from publication.

We do note that they have carefully not repudiated anything said in it. Their motivation appears to be pressure from children still in the ICC. This message appears to have been cc'd to Al Baird, a top ICC leader who worked closely with them when they were in the movement.

While it is tempting to draw conclusions about the reasons for this, those among us who have children can understand why parents in their situation might take this action. Please keep the Condons -- those inside the ICC as well as those who have left -- in your prayers.

This diary is also printed in Volume III of What Does the Boston Movement Teach, by Jerry Jones. Since the publisher obtained legal consent to include the diary, it will continue to be published there. This book is reviewed in the REVEAL Library and will be posted online before long.

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For the sake of harmony in our family, we
agree not to try to pull anyone out of the
International Church of Christ under any

From this day forward we retract any
permission to use or distribute the Sue Condon
Diary, also known as "The Emperor's New

Jim and Susan Condon