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From: (Mjaybird7)
Subject: Permission to visit family
Date: 1998/06/06
Organization: AOL
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I look back at it now and think, how idiotically stupid it was to have to get permission to visit my family when I was in the college ministry.

One particular time, I remember going to my sector leader to ask if I could go and visit my family for a few days (whom lived out of state). I was told that I could not because we were just getting ready to start a campaign and it was much more important for me to be there for that.

First, I think it was very idiotic to even have to ask permission, second that a church leader would tell me I couldn't go. Third, it's hard for me to believe I was so controlled in such a manner that someone could control something as simple as visiting my family.

Other times I went to visit family I was told when I had to be back, how long I could stay, and that i had to check in with my discipler so many times on the trip. Usually you couldn't be gone visiting family for more than two weeks and usually it was a week.

Then the ICC bawks and cries persecution when they are accused of causing a separation between members and their families. The ICC encompasses such a fear towards people's non-ICC family member, whom they knew their whole life and who raised them, that they are going to go home one day and a deprogrammer is going to be waiting for them or that their family is going to pull them away from God.

-Mary Beth
Former member ICOC/ and LDS
Not depending on what I do, but what Christ did.

Galatians 2:21 "I do not set aside the grace of God, for if righteousness could be attained through the law, Christ died for nothing."

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