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Subject: Re: Top 10 List: Spock in the ICC?!
Date: 1998/06/05
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In article <>, (DAnder9518) wrote:

> Speaking of logic, can you imagine Spock in the ICC?? Oh, oh, i feel it > coming on -- another *Top Ten List*! 8-o


* Look, bro, you must accept once and for all that Sarek, Amanda, even T'Pau... They're all going to hell. Why are you struggling with this? It doesn't matter if Vulcans are one of the most advanced races in the universe, they're still not "disciples." You gotta be a "disciple"....

* Bro, you gotta be sacrificial. Crawl in there and fix that matter/anti-matter thing before we all get turned into plasma.

* No, Jim can't disciple you. We don't think that's what your heart needs right now. We think ... uh ... Chekov! ... is the man who can best help you to grow spiritually at this point.

* Screw the Prime Directive -- there's a whole universe out there to be Won for Chri just Invite Everything That Moves to a Bible Talk, a Sunday Service, or to "Hang Out" with you.

* Yes, we said "invite everything that moves," but bro, we meant humanoids. We don't need any more silicone-based creatures, or insectoids, or anything with tentacles in the membership... they are high-maintenance... and they walk funny... but if you invite any and they show up, please have them sit in back, on the floor.

* We're stuck in this Tholian Web because of RAMPANT SIN AMONG THE CREW MEMBERS!!!

* Shore leave? Sorry, bro -- even YOU might be vulnerable to Impurity. It sneaks up on you when you least expect it.


Sarah M. :-)))

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