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Subject: Top 10 List:  Spock in the ICC?!
Date: 1998/06/05
Organization: AOL
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>Logical deductions all -- but you must remember that the ICC does not operate
>based on logic!

Speaking of logic, can you imagine Spock in the ICC?? Oh, oh, i feel it coming on -- another *Top Ten List*! 8-o

***Top Ten things SPOCK Would Have Been Told as a Member the ICC***

10. "You're very submissive to your leaders which is admirable, but can we do something about that Blue Shirt?"

9. "Don't raise your eyebrow when I say that -- it's in the Bible! You can study it out..."

8. "Can you wear a hat so you appear a little more, ahh, 'sharp'?"

7. "Don't you think you'd be a little more 'relatable' if you stopped talking about the planet Vulcan all the time??"

6. "Have you ever thought of selling that Tricorder so you can make Special Contribution?"

5. "You think too much."

4. "We've got a difficult study coming up tonight -- can you come and help us out with a Vulcan Mind Meld?"

3. "You just have to get along better with Dr. McCoy -- after all, he's your brother."

2. "We need someone to do the sermon on Sunday. Can you stand in for Captain Kip?"

1. "Logic, Shmogic!! Where's your heart?!"

anyone else want to try?

------->Dave Anderson

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