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Date:         1996/10/22
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...or, Stupid Discipleship Tricks!

Okay, funsters, I'd like to start a new thread, here! What is the wierdest experience you've had in a discipleship group?

I don't think I can top Shalon's bathroom story, but here's a couple to start with:

I was in a discipleship group in one of the dorms on the U of A campus, and the leader, who shall be identified in this post as "Sister A", had set on her agenda to challenge people on key things they needed to change in order to be "more effective".

So, Sister A turns to one of the sisters, known in this post as "Sister B" and says, "You need to pluck your eyebrows. They're too thick". That's it! That was the prevailing "sin" in Sister B's life!

Then, a crestfallen Sister B says "...uh, uhm... well, Brooke Shields has thick eybrows."

Sister A, the voice of authority, responds "Well, YOU'RE not Brooke Shields". The funny part of this whole scenario was that Sister A was as at least 30 lbs. overweight, wore the same tattered jeans constantly, never curled her hair, wore no makeup, and, in essence, was certainly no Brooke Sheilds herself! I know the Bible says sisters should not overly adorn themselves and concentrate more on cultivating a calm and gentle spirit, but I don't think this extends to hair folicles!

Oh, and the formidible Sister A nailed me, as well. She informed me that I was "wierd". Okay, would you care to qualify that? That was my sin. I was WIERD! Takes one to know one, right?

Another sister in the group was really embarrassed for me, but she didn't have the balls to confront Sister A. She said "Jacqueline, you know, you CAN disagree if you're so inclined". But, of course, I kept my mouth shut.

To this day, here I am, a thirty-something adult. I'm at work, and I'm in a meeting with my boss, corporate vice presidents and CEO's. Or, I'm in a video conference speaking to people half way around the world. And I think to my self, do these people think I'm wierd? Sounds like a personal problem, to me!

Okay, let's hear from you guys!

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