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REVEAL: The Crisis Line

Unfortunately, there haven't been a lot of people who have volunteered recently as contacts. You can find various ex-members on the Delphi Forums and the ex-ICOC facebook group. As well, you may contact Chris Lee as I prefer email to phone calls. (I do have a fairly demanding vocation as a financial software engineer.)

Residential Retreats/Therapy Programs

At the moment, there's only one residential therapy program we know of for former cult members. Fortunately, that one is by all accounts excellent, and has worked with a large number of former ICC members. Wellspring is operated entirely by former cult members as a non-profit organization, and its programs address a comprehensive set of issues faced by former cult members.

Wellspring Conference & Retreat Center
P.O. Box 67
Albany, OH 45710
(740) 698-6277
(740) 698-2053 (fax)
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