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REVEAL: The Crisis Line

What NOT to Do

While you are figuring out what to do, here are some things to avoid so that whatever you eventually decide to do will have a better chance of working.

Finally, a word of warning. Exit counseling is NOT deprogramming. Deprogramming is the process of breaking a person away from a cult using force or coercion. Deprogramming makes use of tactics such as kidnapping the ICC member, or preventing them from leaving while visiting the family, and then force-feeding them information. Even in a relatively benign deprogramming, the deprogrammer employs many of the same techniques the cult did. Even a successful deprogramming often leaves its subjects feeling victimized, violated, and wondering what the difference is between the ICC and their family or friends. An unsuccessful deprogramming merely reinforces what the ICC leadership says about outsiders who oppose the ICC.

However desperate you are, please don't make the mistake of hiring a deprogrammer.

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