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REVEAL: The Crisis Line


If you are reading this page, there's a good chance that you, a family member, or a friend is involved in a "Church of Christ", and something seems wrong.

Perhaps you're disturbed by the time you, or someone else, is spending on church-related activities, and on the effect it is having on the family, on school, or on work. Perhaps you feel that the group's mentoring is too strict and offers no room for growth. Perhaps you're bothered by a rigidly fundamentalist ideology which appears to allow no room for disagreement or differing points of view. Perhaps you are bothered by the amount of money the group is getting from you or a loved one. Or perhaps you aren't sure why, but something just feels wrong.

Unfortunately there might well be something wrong -- there is a group which uses the name "Church of Christ" which is, for many reasons, widely viewed as a religious cult. It is usually called the "International Church of Christ", or ICC, to distinguish it from other "Churches of Christ".

This page was written to provide quick information for people facing a crisis because of their involvement in the ICC or that of someone they love. It isn't intended to provide even a complete introduction to the ICC. For more complete information, read the rest of the REVEAL site, and get some of the books we recommend.

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