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REVEAL: About the ICC

A Fact Sheet on the ICC

Below is a brief list of ICC facts, most of them non-controversial. Where attendance, membership, and other statistical information is cited, unless otherwise indicated the source was either official ICC publications, internal ICC documents shown to REVEAL by former members, or interviews with former members or others who have access to this information.

We caution you to take the ICC's numbers with a grain of salt, though. The ICC keeps far more detailed records on members than most churches do, but their recordkeeping system isn't infallible. The ICC leadership relies on local churches to gather its membership numbers and Sunday attendance figures. Local leadership has been known to delay removing the names of people who have left because they don't want their "stats" (statistics) to look bad.

Attendance figures in the ICC also suffer from "preacher's counts" (overoptimistic estimates), just as similar figures do in other churches.

Some Basic Information...
Official Name International Churches of Christ
Year and Location Founded 1979, Boston, Massachusetts (official)
1967, Gainesville, Florida (actual)
Founding Congregation Lexington (Massachusetts) Church of Christ (official)
(Later renamed Boston Church of Christ)
14th Street Church of Christ (actual)
(Later renamed Crossroads Church of Christ)
Membership approximately 132,062 (as of March 2001)
Sunday Attendance approximately 206,773 (as of March 2001)
Headquarters 3530 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 1750
Los Angeles, California 90010
Church Web Page

The ICC's Top Leadership
as of November 2002
At the Top
Title Name
World Missions Evangelist Kip and Elena Mckean have resigned from their positions as
World Women's Ministry Leader of November 2002. A new governance is under consideration at the present moment.
Second Level: the World Sector Leaders
World Sector Names
Africa, Caribbean, and Empire State (ACES) Steve & Lisa Johnson
Central & South America Peter & Laura Garcia-Bengochea
(Elena Garcia-McKean's brother and his wife.)
China Scott & Lynne Green
Commonwealth Doug & Joyce Arthur
(Doug Arthur is the son of Pat Gempel, WSL for HOPE WorldWide, by a previous marriage.)
Middle East Andy & Tammy Flemming
(As of early November, 2001, Andy and Tammy have taken over the Mid-East World Sector from Kip and Elena Mckean, who announced they were taking a "sabbatical" for an unspecified amount of time.
New England & Europe Randy & Kay McKean
(Kip McKean's brother and his wife.)
Northern Federation Marty & Chris Fuqua
Pacific Rim Frank & Erica Shinya-Kim
Second Level:
the Non-Geographic World Sector Leaders
Area of Responsibility Names
HOPE Worldwide Bob & Pat Gempel
Media & Law Al & Gloria Baird
(Al Baird is the official spokesman for the ICC; reporters who contact the organization will usually end up talking with him. Kip McKean is extremely media-shy.)
Administration and Teaching World Sector Andy & Tammy Fleming

the NET World Sector (New media, Exceptional children, Technology)

Russ & Gail Ewell (This is a new sector that was created in the spring of 2000. It was formed to develop an internet portal for the ICC in order to boost it's presence on the internet among other things.)

General Counsel John Bringardner

Information About The Largest ICC Congregations
as of November, 2001
Los Angeles Church of Christ
Year Founded 1989
Membership approximately 10,000
(One Year Ago) (approximately 9,600)
Sunday Attendance approximately 14,500
Lead Evangelist &
Lead Women's Ministry Leader

Marty & Chris Fuqua and Peter & Laura Garcia-Bengochea, ( Kip and Elena McKean announced on November 11, 2001 that they were stepping down from leading the LA Church of Christ and taking a sabbatical to concentrate on "serious marriage and family issues.")

Address of Church Office 3530 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1750
Los Angeles, CA 90010
(213) 385-5434 (phone)
(213) 385-5854 (fax)
Church Web Page
Notes The ICC's flagship congregation since 1990, when Kip and Elena McKean moved to Los Angeles from Boston.

New York Church of Christ
Year Founded 1983
Membership approximately 5,839
(One Year Ago) (approximately 5,700)
Sunday Attendance approximately 9,000
Lead Evangelist &
Lead Women's Ministry Leader
Steve & Lisa Johnson
Address of Church Office 360 West 31st Street, 7th f loor
New York, NY 10001 USA.
(212) 736-2413 (phone)
(212) 736-1902 (fax)
Church Web Page
Notes The first congregation founded, or planted, by the Boston Church of Christ, which the ICC officially holds to be its founding congregation. (Most other people disagree.)

Boston Church of Christ
Year Founded 1979
(The Lexington Ave. Church of Christ was founded long before the arrival of Kip McKean and his team of Crossroads-trained people, but most agree to put the founding of the Boston Church of Christ in 1979, although the name was changed from Lexington Ave. Church of Christ to Boston Church of Christ a couple of years later.)
Membership approximately 4,200
(One Year Ago) (approximately 4,000)
Sunday Attendance approximately 6,700
Lead Evangelist &
Lead Women's Ministry Leader
Randy & Kay McKean
Address of Church Office One Merrill Street
Woburn, MA 0180
(781) 937-3883 (phone)
(781) 937-0371 (fax)
Church Web Page
Notes The "second founding" congregation of the ICC, and the congregation where Kip McKean started taking over the old Crossroads Movement, as the founding religious movement of the ICC was called for its first twelve years.

Chicago Church of Christ
Year Founded 1982
(The Oak Park Church of Christ was founded years before its leaders decided to join forces with Kip McKean, but in 1982 it became affiliated with the Boston Church of Christ and changed its name to the Chicago Church of Christ.)
Membership approximately 3,300
(One Year Ago) (approximately 3,000)
Sunday Attendance approximately 5,000
Lead Evangelist &
Lead Women's Ministry Leader
Tony & Melanie Singh
Address of Church Office 609 North York Road
Elmhurst, IL 60126
(630) 833-0606 (phone)
(630) 833-0678 (fax)
Church Web Page
Notes The second Boston Movement congregation, formed out of the old Oak Park Church of Christ, which joined forces with the Boston Church of Christ in 1982.

San Francisco Church of Christ
Year Founded 1987 (official)
1983 (actual)
Membership approximately 2,700
(One Year Ago) (approximately 2,500)
Sunday Attendance approximately 3,300
Lead Evangelist &
Lead Women's Ministry Leader
Russ & Gail Ewell
Address of Church Office 1722 Gilbreth Rd.
Burlingame, CA 94010
(650) 259-0550 (phone)
(650) 259-0557 (fax)
Church Web Page
Notes The Crossroads Movement-affiliated Berkeley Church of Christ was founded in 1983, and was taken over by the Boston Church of Christ during the "Great Reconstructions" of late 1986-early 1988.

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